Knowledge about casino gambling

Knowledge about casino gambling

Casino Gambling – The Inside Track

Hello! my name is John Batya and I am an experienced professional Roulette or Black Jack player. I work at the casino, and I am struck by how many people have absolutely no clue as to what they’re doing while taking risks with their hard-earned money. Consequently, I see people who lose their money without justification.

I’m sorry to have this happen to me so often and have taken the decision to write about some of my most successful Betting Strategies that I use. Remember, casinos are in business to take your money in a safe way. They will give you free drinks, shows for free and sometimes , free dinners, free travel, and various other bonuses. Because it’s a free market, there’s no reason to be against it. But it is also fair for you to come to the casino with knowledge regarding how to protect yourself.

If you are a gambler in a casino, you need to adopt an “must win” attitude. Gambling is a serious enterprise which is it is a real Money can be involved. When people say they gamble exclusively for entertainment it is not true!

I have listed a variety of Betting Strategies that you can choose from. These strategies are used by top experts in the field. These should help to get you going. Start to experiment with your own versions and design your own game for the game you enjoy. Start sexygaming by mastering the basics concepts, then you can incorporate your personal flair for creativity.

This information is for:

1.) Amateurs, who come to the Casino to have fun.

Fun in the sense of: Enjoy the show, get free drinks and losing little or no money when leaving the Casino. So, why not have a good time? Good fun as in: All of the above and leaving the casino with more money in your wallet than when you entered it. My aim is to ensure it enjoyable for you to have Fun at the casino.

2) Professionals, who want to create 500 units per session.

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A place where, for a small fee*, you can bet cash money on the outcome of an exact (unbiased) coin-toss game or series of coin-tosses. When you do win you’ll get cash.

*(The amount is the commission that the casino charges in the form of House Edge. Usually , it is between 1.35 18% to 1.35 percent of the bet)


Roulette is an Negative anticipation game. It means it is certain – in the long run – that it’s impossible to win. Roulette, in fact, is just like Life itself. In the long term, it is a certainty that we will pass away. In the short-term, however life can be very enjoyable!

It’s the same with roulette: in the short-term we can make good money However, this is only possible if we don’t stay in the game for too long.


The amount of money that you’ve put aside for playing and which amount you can manage to risk losing. It can be the amount for the evening or the amount that you’d like to bet on a specific game or table or during a specified time. The larger your bankroll, the better chance of success. (Money is the same as ammunition. Don’t leave your home in the dark without this!) Your bankroll size is an important factor. A majority of losers wager too much money per bet in relation to their financial resources. Do not play with a less than I have indicated for each strategy!

A word of caution: The casino wants your cash and will do all that is legally possible to acquire it.


Return-On-Bankroll: Just a different name for Return-On-Investment. A crucial element in gambling, as the majority of losses occur after having been in the black for a point or another. People are blinded by their short-term achievement, then greed comes in and they decide to throw everything away. They leave the casino at the loss, yet have been in profit at sometime in the evening. Sounds familiar?

ROB is always expressed as a percentage and measured in money. The lower you set the specific ROB percentage, the better chances of success. Keep to your ROB as pre-determined for if you wish to steal the casino!


‘Life is about managing expectations’ (Jean Bateau)

If you are going to a casino there is a need to create an outline: There should be an expectation and every person has their own expectations.

If the goal is to increase the bankroll by 20, the chances of success are considerably lower when the target is to ROB 20%. Actually, the odds to ROB 20 percent are 87%. The chances of ROBBING 100% is only 9 %. (Versus loss of money)

I’m sharing a list that includes Betting Strategies that can help you achieve your desired goal.

I have graded them as Very Aggressive, Aggressive, Mildly Aggressive, Conservative and Fun. These are Progressive betting systemsthat allow bets rise when you use your own money. They are risky methods and it is not guaranteed that you will always win. It is important to realize that the chance of having a bad streak will happen in the same way as that occasional luck streak will occur. It is possible to incorporate your security mechanisms into every strategy to help you feel at ease. This can be accomplished by limiting the process to a stage at which you are comfortable.

Important note: for all techniques recommended: Do not spend too much time at one table. While doing this, no one will know the strategy you’re using. Make sure you do not earn more than USD 1000 or equivalent per table as this may alarm the casino and you could become the subject of their attention, which is what you don’t want.

Very Aggressive:

Plenty of action! Concentration is required. Alcohol is not permitted. Adrenaline-rushes.


Good amount of movement! Very little concentration is required after practice. Alcohol permitted. Adrenaline-rushes.

Mildly Aggressive:

It is easy to track without having too intense concentration! Alcohol is allowed. More frequent adrenaline rushes.


Lots of action! Concentration required. Alcohol permitted. There are some adrenaline rushes are permitted. These strategies are intended to keep you playing for a long time, with no significant damage, and maybe even good profits.


There is a chance that you could make money. There’s a lot of action and majority of the time, you earn chips. Only play this system when the drinks are complimentary It is a great way to enjoy your time at the Casino! You’ll be able to enjoy your time in the casino without huge losses or big profit.


Calculate your account balance (i.e. the maximum loss) and do not lose more than that amount. If your bankroll is gone: WALK! Then come back the next day.

Set your profit-objective and when you reach it: WALK! and come back next time.

You can play one-zero tables using surrender and “en prison” rules whenever available. (Normally everywhere in Western Europe and hard to locate throughout the Americas).

A few things that you must know about roulette-mathematics:

It is a CERTAINTY that bets from outside will be even. It means that after hundred instances, it will come one moment in which black and red come up exactly the same number of times. The time, however, is indefinite, which means that for us this knowledge is worthless, as we only consider the short term.

It is also an CERTAINTY that if Bob and Fred flip an unbiased coin, either Bob or Fred will prevail over the first hundred times. Also, it is a CERTAINTY that in less than 5percent of the cases either one will be ahead of one in the near future. This means that you must take a close look at recent history in order to decide which bets to make. If red has appeared in a significant quantity of times greater than black, then it’s reasonable to conclude that black will never come up a significant number of times more than red in the short term. This is a crucial fact, since the majority of people tend to bet with “regression to the mean” and would expect that black and red will appear an equal amount of times over the short-term. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Being aware of this, you’ll get it wrong in your selection of color (or wagering zone) less than five percent of the times It is a fact! The Casino is not aware of this, and, fortunately for casinos, most people aren’t aware of this mystery. This information is very useful when playing the d’Alembert or Parlay gambling strategies.


Luck plays an important role in the world of casinos. The strategies outlined in this site do not rely on luck, but Lady Luck is always welcome.

The betting strategies that I have listed need the absence of bad luck. It is only possible to lose if you are a victim of bad luck. Since most of the time you play one side of the table There are four options:

1) You are lucky (profitable to you)

2.) The table is balanced (profitable to you)

3.) You’ve experienced some bad fortune (still profitable for you)

4) You are having bad luck (You lose)

It is not possible to detect bad luck until it’s occurred. In the same way, you won’t know that you are having a lucky streak until it has materialized.

My friends, this is the reason why Casinos remain in business!

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